Country Services, Inc.

Paula Goeldner, LSW, CEO

Phone:  651-270-5903

Fax:  651-998-0844


Paula is the owner and CEO of Country Services, engaged in attentive oversight of all services provided by staff.  Paula has been a social worker for over 25 years with an unwavering passion for inclusion, respect, adaptability, individualized support, and realizing the unlimited potential in all people.

Country Services, Inc. is a small company that has been providing specialized social services in Minnesota for over 20 years.  We at Country Services are committed to providing support and services to individuals and families, allowing them to flourish, utilizing a person-centered approach with a focus on self-determination, choice and empowerment.  We value the strengths afforded by differences and diversity.  Treating people with dignity and respect is paramount to us.  When people come to Country Services, they receive the specialized and personal treatment that only a small company can provide.  

Country Services currently provides the following services for lead agencies in Minnesota:

1.  Contracted Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Case Management

2.  Consumer Support Grant (CSG) Monitoring and Support

3.  Monthly Visits for Children in Foster Care

4.  Emergency After Hours/ On-Call Social Services